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About Us

To achive our target.


AUVS is a design and visual communication coaching class Started in May 2008 by Mrs. Vibhavari.Her experience in design and teaching is making AUVS one of the most excelling design class in Pune. The aim of the class has been to produce high quality professionals, whose profile meet the specific needs of the Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic design and visual communication sectors in India.

AUVS is the Mrs.Vibhavaries Drawing Classes. AUVS also has an extensive selection of fine art prints, lithographs, and handcrafted collectibles sourced from emerging, mid-career .Go ahead and explore our vast collection, for irreplaceable original limited edition artworks, affordable prints, and marvelous serigraphs sourced from the best of leading emerging artists in India. Our collection of curated hand crafted collectibles covers a wide range of products for every space in your home ranging from table lamps, serve ware, cushion covers, candle stands, artifacts, rugs, garden decor, stationery, table ware and much more. AUVS also carries a selection of designer jewelry crafted from semi- precious stones, crystals, brass, copper and organic materials like wood, bamboo and jute.

Learning how to draw and paint is a fun process. These pages provide a wealth of information about how to draw and paint – and also about what to draw and paint. Explore the different subject in art to get a better grasp of why certain themes have been so popular in art throughout the ages. Click through the various art styles to learn the different forms that art can take. Let these ideas wash over you and seep into your creative soul!


I created the Art Academy of AUVS in order to make a structured academy-caliber art education available to everyone. I can give students everywhere the same opportunity I had to learn to paint at a high level.


Giving recognition and a platform to the budding talent and upcoming artists is our motto. AUVS will make the connections between the artists and the patron.